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Why PixaarNext

We are committed to optimum utilization of the money spent by our customers in designing, crafting and assembling the best products and merchandise on the market. To that end, we aimed to give a behind-the-scenes view into who we are and how we got started
by Founder PixaarNext.LLP

Our Key Products

Pixaarnext not only manufactures desktop computers it also manufactures Thin Clients, Information Kiosk and Podiums too. With its extended service support all over India, it has become the first female oriented company in IT industry.


Desktop Computer


Thin Client


Electronic Lectern

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PixaarNext.LLP - a vision of Indian Leading Manufacturer of computers and other IT products.

We believe work speaks more than words

Our Major Clients

Our Products are available on GeM portal As well.   

Our products are qualified and satisfy Indian government procurement compliances and being listed in the procurement portal GEM. 

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